Mellow Moments

Mellow Moments is a weekly 2 hour easy-on-the-ear show – presented by Andy Saunders.

Every week it contains all sort of hits from the decades – concentrating on the music with very little chat.  Its easy listening – not just love songs.

Mellow Moments currently features on a total of 25 stations, with an estimated total population reach of over 1,000,000.


Mellow Moments Show

Mellow Moments comes in six 20 minute (approx) segments to provide two hours of programming.

This allows standard clock hours with news at the top of the hour and two advert breaks at 20 past and twenty to the hour.  It is easy to concatenate these segments into one hour long show, but we recommend inserting several suitable music tracks at the end to make sure the programming never falls-short of the hour.

Mellow Moments is available free-to-air for Community and Not-for-Profit radio stations, but we reserve the right to incorporate sponsor messages.

For commercial stations we offer a competitive price considering the high quality of the show.  Please get in contact if you are interested.

Upon request we can provide bespoke voiceovers and voice-tracking for stations at moderate cost.  These can be used for example to produce a show promo, or bespoke links featuring your station’s name.


Some Technical details

Mellow moments files are 320kbps mp3 – the highest possible quality, without resorting to excessively large wav files.

Mellow Moments is delivered by Dropbox shared folder – our clients report that this is the most reliable and simplest way to deliver syndicated programming.

Please don’t be daunted – it is really simple, and once setup, runs like clockwork. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a Dropbox Account – https://www.dropbox.com
  2. Contact us and let us know the email address you have used to create your Dropbox account
  3. Download the Dropbox software and login.
  4. The Mellow Moments files will automagically appear in the Dropbox folder on your PC.  What’s more they will automagically update themselves every week.
  5. Relax!  It’s all taken care of!

Simply point your Automation System at the Mellow Moments folder in Dropbox – et voila!


Testimonials from some of our happy clients

“Professionally presented and produced – Andy Saunder’s programme fits ideally into our evening programs every Sunday ”
David Way, Director – Wey Valley Radio
Link to Wey Valley Radio website
“Great show for the late evening! ”
Gary King, Director of Programming & Music, Uckfield FM
Link to Uckfield FM website
“Mellow Moments surprises us every week with the wide range of songs and Andy talking to us as if he was in the room with us. Thank-you.”
Anthony, the listeners, and the Team here at West Coast Radio
Link to West Coast Radio website
“Mellow Moments is an ideal show for a lazy Sunday morning or late at night. It is excellently produced, ideal music selection topped-off by Andy’s friendly voice. ”
Glyn Roylance – Station Manager – GLOSS FM – Your Local Station for Thornbury & District
Link to GLOSS FM website
“Mellow Moment is the perfect programme for relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. ”
Eden FM, Penrith
Link to Eden FM website
“Mellow Moments is the perfect way to end the weekend here on Coast FM across the Canary Islands”
Steve Crumley – Station Manager Coast FM”
Link to Coast FM website


Demo – Take a listen to a sample of Mellow Moments




Contact Andy at Mellow Moments