Mellow Moments Show

Mellow Moments comes in six 20 minute (approx) segments to provide two hours of programming.

This allows standard clock hours with news at the top of the hour and two advert breaks at 20 past and twenty to the hour.  It is easy to concatenate these segments into one hour long show, but we recommend inserting several suitable music tracks at the end to make sure the programming never falls-short of the hour.

Mellow Moments is available free-to-air for Community and Not-for-Profit radio stations, but we reserve the right to incorporate sponsor messages.

For commercial stations we offer a competitive price considering the high quality of the show.  Please get in contact if you are interested.

Upon request we can provide bespoke voiceovers and voice-tracking for stations at moderate cost.  These can be used for example to produce a show promo, or bespoke links featuring your station’s name.